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Spiral notebooks


  • Practical aid with your presentation on the front page

  • High-quality printing on chalk or natural cover

  • 6 different formats, including square

  • 3 spiral colors and choice of placement on the left or top side

  • Possibility of entering 50 or 100 sheets

  • Production from 2 pieces


Spiral notebooks are (even in today's technology) a great everyday tool. They can be used by your sales representatives or employees. And they will also be a practical gift for your customers. Thanks to the printed envelope with your logo, your company will always be in sight.


We make spiral notebooks in 6 sizes including square formats. You can choose whether your notebooks will have a spiral on the top side or on the left side. You can also choose the color of the spiral - black, white or silver.

The material of the top cover is also up to you - we can use either chalk paper or natural recyclable paper. We can do 3 kinds of laminations on the cover, including SoftTouch velvet lamination, which looks very luxurious. You can also choose whether your notebook will have 50 or 100 pages.


For spiral notebooks, you specify the printing of the front cover. It can carry your logo, captions, images or photos. We will check your design and produce it professionally.


You can place your order in our configurator. Just set the desired format, number of sheets, type of paper for the cover and other options.


1) You can create your own graphics in your professional editor. For this purpose, you can download ready-made templates in various formats from us, which can be opened and edited in these editors.

2) If you don't want or don't know how to process graphics yourself, our graphic designer will create designs for you on request. This option is chargeable.

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Guidelines, templates

Glossy chalk papers 350 g/m²

Wood-free coated papers provided with a special triple double-sided coating, which mainly contains pigments and adhesives. The most common group of papers used for full-color printing. Chalk papers are mainly intended for printing flyers, posters, books and magazines. Chalk papers have a closed surface on which the color dries superficially. As the color is almost not absorbed, the paper allows you to achieve a very clear and contrasting image. Coated papers also allow for very precise color rendering (matching the print with the source data).

Matte chalk papers 350 g/m²

Jsou bezdřevé natírané papíry opatřené speciálním trojitým oboustranným nátěrem, který obsahue převážně obsahujícím pigmenty a lepidla. Jsou nejběžnější skupinou papírů používaných pro plnobarevný tisk. Křídové papíry jsou určeny především k tisku letáků, plakátů, knih a časopisů. Křídové papíry mají uzavřený povrch, na němž barva zasychá povrchově. Tím, že se barva téměř nevsakuje, papír umožňuje docílit velmi jasného a kontrastního obrazu. Natírané papíry umožňuji i velmi přesné podání barev (shodu tisku se zdrojovými daty).

Brown kraft cardboard 259 g/m²

Brown kraft cardboard is a type of paper that ensures increased durability of products. It is suitable for the production of transport packaging or packaging for fragile items. The surface of the cardboard is provided with a special coating that ensures excellent print quality, is pleasant to the touch and has good water resistance. This packaging material is used to produce boxes for various household products, electrical products and more. Thanks to its structure and composition, the cardboard is very strong and stable. It can be used for eco-friendly packaging of ready-meals, cakes, pastries, confectionery products, fast food (burgers, nuggets, fries), frozen pizza, strawberries, herbs, cereals, pasta, cosmetics, perfumes or hygiene products.


- Eco-friendly. Kraft paper is more quickly biodegradable.

- Wear resistance. Kraft paper is denser, withstands higher loads.

- Moisture resistance. Kraft paper takes longer to become damp.

Offset paper 90 g/m²

It is a white wood-free, uncoated offset paper and cardboard suitable for everyday use. Offset paper differs from chalk paper in that its surface is not refined, it is matte and rougher. In the 80-gram weight, you can find it in company copiers or home printers.

You can always see the delivery date in the configurator. After entering the necessary product parameters and choosing the quantity, you will see the delivery date.
After entering the required format in the configurator, you can download a PDF document with printing instructions in the right column, where you will find all the necessary information for preparing print files.
Delivery is completely free of charge to one place in the Czech Republic.
Templates for download

You can create your own graphics in your professional editor. To do this, download a ready-made template in the appropriate format, which can be opened and edited in your editor. Remove all template elements from the final print file.

A6 blocks (105 x 148 mm), spiral on the left side


A6 blocks (105 x 148 mm), spiral at the top


DL blocks (99 x 210 mm), spiral on the left side


DL blocks (99 x 210 mm), spiral at the top


A5 blocks (148 x 210 mm), spiral on the left side


A5 blocks (148 x 210 mm), spiral at the top


A4 blocks (210 x 297 mm), spiral on the left side


A4 blocks (210 x 297 mm), spiral at the top


Blocks 145 x 145 mm, spiral on the left side


Blocks 145 x 145 mm, spiral at the top


Blocks 200 x 200 mm, spiral on the left side


Blocks 200 x 200 mm, spiral at the top