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Saddle-stitched booklets

For the best presentation of your products and services, we offer stitched advertising booklets in nine options. You can select from glossy coated papers, matt coated papers, and offset papers. If your design contains multiple photos, use coated papers, that are specially created for the highest-quality printing of images and photos.

Please note that in saddle-stitched booklets the number of pages must be divisible by four. In “Number of pages”, the first “4” stands for the number of pages of the cover and the other “4” the number of pages of the booklet (inner part).

Saddle-stitched booklets are a creative and professional tool to present your services and goods. You can combine different types of paper in your catalogue; use a heavier paper for the cover and thinner paper inside. Orders of stitched booklets from 5 pcs.

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Coated papers 130, 170, and 250 g/m are wood-free coated papers provided with a special triple double-sided coating mostly containing pigments and adhesives. This type of paper is the most common paper used for full-colour printing. Coated papers are primarily used for leaflets, posters, books, and magazines. Coated papers have a sealed surface on which the paint dries. Since paint is not absorbed inside the paper structure, it provides a very clear and contrasting image. Coated papers also allow very accurate colour reproduction (the print matches the source data).

What is it used for? Since coated papers are smoother, whiter, and finer, they can be used for printing leaflets with photos (130–170 g), tickets (250–300 g), invitations (250–300 g), classic business cards (350–400 g), annual reports, books, brochures, catalogues (130–250 g), direct mailing, magazine covers, magazines, or newspapers.

Coated glossy

Coated matt 


Offset paper 90, 140, 250 g/m² white wood-free non-coated offset paper and paperboard suitable for daily use. Compared to coated paper, offset paper has a non-treated matt, coarser surface. 80 g papers are used in copying machines in companies and at home. 

What is it used for? Letterheaded papers (90g), forms, diaries, calendars, notebooks, notepads, colouring books, exercise books, technical documents, brochures, books, leaflets.

Offset paper