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About Us

The story of our company started in 2008. It should be noted that we had started even earlier, when our small creative team already worked in advertising. At the beginning, the production of printed products was only a side job for our customers. However, after several years, after receiving great reviews and recommendations, we suddenly had more than 500 regular clients. This allowed us to expand our production capacities. From the very start, we stuck to the principle of “quality at affordable price”. And we have remained true to this principle to this day.

The next step came with the idea to set up the Gogoprint platform.
 We always follow new technologies and changes in the market, analysing new trends. Gogoprint is not a mere step forward in our development, it is also a response to modern trends, especially to the increased share of online business in the economy.
And not only that, we strive to create and operate a comfortable business platform where everyone can find almost any printed product for their own work. This is not just business cards, leaflets, and brochures, but also stickers of various sizes and shapes, labels, postcards, brand bags, plastic cards, and more. As of today, we offer over 100 printed products on our platform.

What is Gogoprint?
 We see Gogoprint.cz as an online marketplace. It is an opportunity for users to order almost any printed product fast and easy. The very essence of the project lies in the that we have eliminated all physical contact with our company, including telephone calls or personal meetings, to discuss details. Everything is done online directly from your office or from the comfort of your home. And just as we all have become used to ordering food, ready meals, cosmetics, or clothes online, you can now also order printed products from Gogoprint.cz.

Gogoprint is easy!
 The platform is designed for maximum simplicity. If you are ordering printed products for the first time, you will find your around our website in no time. Each page has a video with detailed instructions. When ordering, you can also upload files prepared in professional graphic editors. However, if you are unable to do this, you can always use our online graphics editor to easily prepare your own design project. For inspiration, you can check the gallery of our copyrighted photos for each product.

Our idea.
 It doesn’t matter if you are a self-employed person, a small company, or a large brand, you can always find ways to up your business with us. You don’t have to order large quantities of products to get a lower price. Order only what you actually need. Our prices are the same from a single piece.

Diverse range of products
 We carefully research each area of business so that we can constantly create printed products to perfectly match your specific business activity. Some of our products are so unique they can’t be bought elsewhere. Our offer is so diverse that it contains everything you can possibly need for your business (from business cards to packaging).

Our plans.
 We are constantly expanding our range of environmentally friendly printed products and materials. In the coming years, we plan to produce more than half of all printed products from rapidly degradable and recycled environmentally friendly materials. We would be happy if you support us in this effort.

We hope that you become part of our Gogoprint family.

Happy purchase!
Gogoprint Team