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Square business cards

Their unique square shape is suitable for executing a wide range of ideas. You can also use them to expand your social network. Simply complement them with a link to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also design wall business cards with information about the company on one side and photos on the other side.

Square business cards are an attractive, yet still classic, alternative to regular business cards. These creative business cards with a minimalist look are a modern and ideal tool for professionals who want to stand out decently. Square business cards can be used by real estate agents, beauty salons, sales teams, and graphic designers along with sending common documents. Have your business cards laminated to prolong their life. Glossy laminate will give the product a greater shine, while the matt Soft Touch laminate will ensure a velvety look.

You can choose either the standard 350 g coated paper or the stronger 400 g paper. You can also select from a number structured and graphic types of paper. Or you can opt for a special eco-friendly 259 g type. This paper has a great look on business cards, especially with black graphics. See “Materials” for more information about paper types.

Also consider darker types of paper (natural kraft paper or other non-white papers), which, however, cannot be combined with white graphics. Please take this into account when choosing the graphic design.

If you need to order several types of business cards with the same parameters, select the number of patterns under “Number of patterns”. The price list shows the total price for the amount of selected patterns and the quantity of business cards per each graphic design, i.e., if you select two patterns, the price for 100 pcs includes the cost of each design (2) per 100 pcs.

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Coated papers 350 and 400 g/m2 are wood-free coated papers provided with a special triple double-sided coating mostly containing pigments and adhesives. This type of paper is the most common paper used for full-colour printing. Coated papers are primarily used for leaflets, posters, books, and magazines. Coated papers have a sealed surface on which the paint dries. Since paint is not absorbed inside the paper structure, it provides a very clear and contrasting image. Coated papers also allow very accurate colour reproduction (the print matches the source data).

What is it used for? 
Since coated papers are smoother, whiter, and finer, they can be used for printing leaflets with photos (130–170 g), tickets (250–300 g), invitations (250–300 g), classic business cards (350–400 g), annual reports, books, brochures, catalogues (130–250 g), direct mailing, magazine covers, magazines, or newspapers.

Coated glossy paper

Coated matt paper


Brown kraft paperboard 259 g/m2 The brown kraft paperboard is a type of paperboard that provides increased durability and is suitable for the production of transport packaging and packaging for fragile goods. Its surface has a special coating that ensures excellent print quality, is pleasant to the touch, and provides good water resistance.

This packaging material is used to make boxes for a variety of household products, electrical products, and similar items. Thanks to its structure and composition, the paperboard is rigid and stable.

Use: designer eco-friendly packaging for ready-made meals, cakes, pies, confectionery, fast food (burgers, nuggets, french fries), frozen pizza, strawberries, herbs, cereals, pasta, cosmetics, perfumes, or hygiene products.


– Environment-friendly The kraft paper decomposes faster.
– Resistant to wear. The kraft paper is denser and withstands greater loads.
– Resistance to moisture. The kraft paper absorbs moisture slower.

Brown kraft paperboard


CM Ice Gold 300 g/m², pearl paper with a fine gold effect. CM Ice Gold is a white paper with a pearl coating and a gold effect without metal content. It is finished with a special i-Tone coating that ensures excellent ink adhesion without limiting the paper’s usable life (does not turn yellow over time). The paper is relatively easy to laminate, however, its lamination may reduce gloss. It is excellent for printing design postcards or invitations.

CM Ice Gold, pearl paper with a fine gold effect


CM Super Gold 300 g/m2, pearl gold paperCM Super Gold is a paper made of 100 % cellulose with a surface imitating metallic paint or pearlescent finish while not containing any metal particles. The spark and luminescence reflective effect is achieved through the content of mineral pigments that give the surface a glittering gloss.

When preparing the graphic files, please remember that the metallic ink and paper colour can change the image colours. This paper is suitable for a wide range of applications: covers, folders, postcards, luxury packing, bookmarks, promotional materials, corporate documents (forms, business cards, envelopes).

CM Super Gold, pearl gold paper


Opale Fabric 250 g/m2, white paper with canvas embossing. The White Opale Fabric paper is characterized by fine double-sided canvas embossing The paper is suitable for basic printing methods: offset printing, screen printing, flexographic printing, and laser or inkjet printers. It is compatible with various types of printing finishing methods: foil embossing, lamination, selective coating, folding, cutting, laser cutting, blind embossing, perforation, or binding.

It is excellent for business cards, postcards, covers, calendars, certificates, menus, brochures, envelopes and luxury packing.

Opale Fabric, white paper with canvas embossing


Rives Shetland 250 g/m2, white paper with felt embossing. The collection of products Rives Shetland includes elegant papers with various surfaces. The collection was inspired by high fashion. The surfaces of the papers from the collection imitate the surfaces of luxurious fabrics. The surface of the white Rives Shetland paper with felt embossing has a distinctive wool structure. The paper is FSC-certified. It is finished with a special i-Tone® coating that ensures excellent ink adhesion without limiting the paper’s usable life (does not turn yellow over time).

It is suitable for the production of representative products and for developing a corporate identify.

Rives Shetland, white paper with felt embossing


CM Translucent 285 g/m2, mildly translucent paper. CM Translucent is made of 100 % cellulose without the use of chemical additives. It is finished with a special i-Tone® coating that ensures excellent ink adhesion without limiting the paper’s usable life (does not turn yellow over time). Although it is a translucent paper that looks different from ordinary paper, it is also made of crushed cellulose. However, its production utilizes various types of binder resins that provide its special characteristics, such as transparency, extreme smoothness, and hardness. Compared to standard paper, this product is heavier and has a more uniform structure.

It is used for: magazines, brochures, leaflets, invitations, menus, calendars, postcards, envelopes, presentations, promotional products, tags, or vouchers. It is an excellent material for the production of the most innovative designs and solutions. The printed image has a fine lace effect.

CM Translucent, mildly translucent paper


CM Europa Ivory 240 g/m2 pearl ivory paperCM Europa Ivory is a metal-free ivory paper with a pearlescent finish. This paper is suitable for offset printing using oxidative film-forming inks, screen printing, digital printing, and all types of embossing The paper is relatively easy to laminate, however, its lamination or coating may reduce the gloss.

This paper is suitable for a wide range of applications: covers, folders, postcards, luxury packing, bookmarks, promotional materials, or corporate documents (forms, business cards, envelopes).

CM Europa Ivory, pearl ivory paper


Polyart 368 g/m2 white synthetic paperThe white synthetic paper Polyart 368 g/m2 is made of an artificial material – special extruded polyethylene film. From both sides, the film is applied a two-layer matt chalk coating ensuring excellent printing parameters. In terms of printing parameters, Polyart is similar to coated paper used for artistic publications and is suitable for all types of printing methods. Thanks to its highly smooth surface, it can be used for printing high-detail images in high resolution. The Polyart synthetic paper is used for types of finishing: cutting, perforation, embossing, hot stamping, sewing, and binding. Compared to other synthetic papers, its chalk surface gives this paper antistatic properties. Since it contains no chlorine, plasticizers, or toxic fumes, it is safe for foods and children’s toys.

Polyart, white synthetic paper


Matter Goya 270 g/m2 white paper with fine sand structure. The white paper Matter Goya 270 g/m2 has a silky structure resembling fine sand. Matter Goya provides a variety of shades on its matt surface ranging from pastel to rich colours. In this case, the paper is white. Thanks to its specific surface, this white paper is especially suitable for the production of unique brochures, invitations, covers, packing, and for all applications that require a maximally uniform matt paper that is pleasant to the touch.

Matter Goya, white paper with fine sand structure


Keaykolour Biscuit 300 g/mcream paper. The cream paper Keaykolour Biscuit 300 g/m2 from the KeayKolour line, that offers a wide range of colours and weights, is made from secondary raw materials by 30 %. It is characterized by a smooth surface that is uneven to the touch. This material is suitable for luxurious printed products. It is primarily used for luxurious packing, representative products and to develop a corporate identity.

Keaykolour Biscuit, cream paper